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No one can predict when the power is going to go out next, and the question that
everyone wants answered when it does: for how long.  Winter ice, and snow may
leave your family trapped in the cold.  Summer heat, and storms can take away the
most basic necessities.  Be prepared for the next time the electricity goes out.

Are they affordable?:
Lite Electric offers various generator options and plans to fit your needs.  We can
supply you with a generator to power your whole home, just a furnace or even
enough power for a television and refrigerator.  

Remember When?
The blackout of 2003 left 50 million people across the Midwest powerless.  In the
midst of a hot summer, people were left without power for days.  It's important to be
ready for power mishaps year-round.  However certain times of the year it is more
common, such as the so called "blackout season" that runs from mid-July until the
end of September and in the extreme winter months when ice storms can bring
power lines down.  

Business Owners:
Companies rely on power to perform their daily work outputs, without it productivity
decreases as well as profit.  Power is indispensable, and a generator over time can
pay for itself.